Colors in graphics and display are distorted

A virus messed up the colors in my graphics in my Dell Latitude D620 laptop. My video card is NVIDA Quadro NVS 110M forceware version 174.31. I got rid of the virus but the colors in my graphics did not go back to its normal color. I downloaded and installed the driver for my video card but it did not change the color and appearance of my graphics. what must I do to fix this problem? HELP!
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  1. It's probably not the virus that messed up your colors. I'm just guessing, but I'd guess one of the contacts/connectors on your internal video card has come loose. Have you tried hooking it up to an external monitor?
  2. I agree with magicpants, I don't think the virus messed up the colors. Are you able to take a screenshot of what you're seeing and post it?
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