External graphic mounts with a usb 3.0 sata converter?

Hey guys I am new here and just had a few questions on what I should go about doing for upgrading my graphics card. I have an Asus laptop U47A model which has an integrated graphics card. I have enough funds to go about getting an external graphics mount and such, but my laptop does not have a sata port and that is generally what a mount requires to my knowledge. If I got a converter for usb 3.0 to sata would that end up working? Thanks.
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  1. Sata is for hdds not graphic cards. Graphic cards use pcie and an external adapter will need either expresscard which you don't have or mpcie which is not easily accessible on your laptop. You'd need to take the bottom completely off. Mpcie is also where the wireless card will be plugged into.

    The price of the adaper, psu and graphics card is too much to be logical (~$300). You could sell your laptop and get one with better graphics built in that would be better performance than an external one.
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