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I have a HP pavilion a6302f and it was operating normally before. I had cleaned up my computer's fan/heatsink and it was still normal. Then i decided to use EVGA precision to overclock my gpu and i believe the computer overheated. So, I set it back to default and uninstalled it. Then, it started shutting down after 1-1.5 hours. Now, when I turn it on after a 1hour wait, it shuts down in 3-5 minutes as the fan is really noisy.

I attempted to access the Bias and I could not find where I could find the CPU temperature is located or the speed....

My GPU is the Nividia Geforce 6150se nforce 430 and i had planned to upgrade my GPU.

Where have I gone wrong since it was working perfectly fine before?

I really need your help, I have a project due soon and I don't have another computer especially one with Autocad....
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  1. It is possible you tried to pull too much power from the cheap, stock PSU when you overclocked the video card.
  2. yes but I had set it back to default clock speed and even uninstalled the program.. how can it still continue
  3. I took out the entire cpu heatsink, cleaned out the old thermal paste, added new thermal compound, placed the processor back into its proper place, and added the heatsink... Now when i turn the computer on, the fan spins for 1-1.5 seconds and then it comes to a stop eventually...
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