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Will this PSU run my GPU

Hey guys, I'm helping a friend upgrade his pc with some of my old parts. I'm giving him my old GTS 250 and Im just wondering if his PSU can run it

Its a 460W
Infinity ATX P4-460W
the 12V rail has an Amp of 18
I'll also have to use a 2 molex to 6 pin adapter
I'm pretty bad with power supplies so thanks in advance
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    The card has a maximum power draw of 150W or 12.5Amps on the +12V1 rail of power supply. 18Amps is enough since the fans and motors of the HDD and CD/DVD drives won't consume 5A.

    +12V2 rail is mainly for the processor (and its voltage regulator circuit).

    The PSU you are considering should be enough.
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