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Hi I am wondering if it is worth buying a HD 7850 1GB instead of a 650 TI. I mostly like to play Skyrim, Black Ops II, and Borderlands, and would like to be able to play on high or ultra settings. Is the 7850 1GB substantially better? If you can, I would like a non-super-technical answer as I am still learning about computers. Thanks.
Here are my specs:

Intel i7 3770k 3.9 GHZ
16 GB DDR3 1333 MHZ RAM
900 w Power supply
1440X900 monitor (I think it is 1080p not sure though)

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  1. Yes yes it is totally worth to get hd 7850.hd 7850 is better than gtx 650ti.you will be to maxout games with hd 7850 at 1080p.
  2. The 7850 is a stronger card then the 650Ti I would say the direct competitor to the 7850 would be something like a non ti 660 which is more in line with the 7870 performance wise.
  3. Yes its worth it.

  4. yes it is by a lot.i believe Sumukh_Bhagat even showed you the 7850 in your last post about 20 minutes ago
  5. If you getting hd 7850 then get 2gb one as really usefull for 1080p.
  6. Your resolution isn't high, and the games you listed are not that intensive. You'll be fine with a 650 Ti. The 650 Ti is designed to handle games at 1680x1050 or under, which fits your scenario. 7850 is definitely better than 650 Ti by a significant margin, but it's overkill.
  7. Agreed a 2 gigabyte card will get you a lot further in games that draw more ram. I second the idea of the 2 gigabyte 7850 unless you can get a 660 for cheaper thats 2 gigabytes.

  8. Op is still not sure about his res.gtx 650ti would be perfect for 1400*900 and hd 7850 for 1080p.
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