Slow/bad performance with new build

with my new build i have having performance problems compared to my old build witch was an athlon x4 and a gtx 550ti and my fps in games are not great and i have no idea why i dont think i should be having the problems that im having because my cpu and my gpu are alot better then what i had..........any ideas? :fou: my system specs are below
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  1. What is your power supply?
    Have you updated the drivers?
    What FPS are you getting in what games?
    What are your under load GPU and CPU temps?
  2. 600w corsair
    30-40 in the new hit man bench mark and 40-80+ in bf3 some games are a strong 60fps but some are 30-40 like hitman... Assassin's Creed III runs like crap 20-30 fps farcry 3 as well with 30-35 fps temps are low around 40-50c under load
  3. Is this on MAX settings? Do you have Anti-Aliasing turned on in the catalyst control panel? Is your monitor 1080p?
  4. i don't know if i do or not and no its 720p
  5. and yea maxed out
  6. Go to the catalyst control center and check the settings. Have you changed anything there?
  7. no and its not just in games that its slow its also when im on the desktop doing something and my old athlon was faster
  8. Is your copy of windows genuine?
  9. yes it is and its a fresh install
  10. If everything is maxed out in games like Farcry 3 and Hitman, etc... I think the FPS you're getting are normal because these are demanding games and your hardware is simply not powerful enough.

    The GTX-550Ti is not the fastest card around, this is an entry level gaming card, so don't expect wonders from it.

    Look at the requirements for Farcry 3 and you do not meet the recommended or the optimal requirements. You just meet the minimum requirements so don't expect to max everything out:
  11. I have a 7870.....
  12. My bad I misread your original post I thought it was your current setup.

    If it's not a Windows or drivers problem, maybe it's a bad hardware (defective CPU, GPU, HDD, etc...).
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