Which graphic card good for me

hi friends,
i have asus m5a 78l-mlx mother board,
amd 6100 cpu,
2tb hdd,
8 gb ram
i am using adobe photoshop cs6 for image editing and some 3d work with windows 8 os.
please suggest me witch graphic card should i buy.
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  1. Please tell your budget.are going to use for gaming?
  2. my budget is 20000rs
  3. Are going to use for gaming?
  4. i need for adobe photoshop cs6 for image editing and some 3d work
  5. Get hd 7870 or gtx 660
  6. is these both compatible for adobe????
  7. thax for link
    but they mention CUDA and Mercury Graphics Engine is good for adobe photoshop .
    is this technology available in amd???
  8. I am confused
    "Mercury Graphics Engine" (MGE) NVIDIA (CUDA) and AMD (OpenCL)??
    where i go????????????
  9. Yes its totally your choice.see which has more use in your work overall and select gpu.
  10. 80 percent in worked in adobe photoshop cs6
    rest 20 percent in adobe lightroom, adobe after effect, acd see, camera raw software and cinema 4d etc.
  11. how about amd 7850 2gb
  12. jsinghjassi said:
    how about amd 7850 2gb

    its a good card, but GTX660 Ti is a beast.

    jassi ur 4m.
  13. dude for cs6 you should go for nVidia....
  14. adobe photoshop cs6 Use OpenCL,OpenGL. not cuda.
    gtx 660ti is more expensive than amd 7850 2 gb.
  15. Yes for cs6 go for amd
  16. thax.........
    ya amd 7870 is also good option.
    should i wait for official price list of amd 8000s
  17. Its your decision wait or not.but 7 series is enough for your needs.
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