Does the BenQ FP241VW 24-inch LCD Monitor work with windows 7

I know my monitor is not under the Windows 7 compatibility list. But it's under the Vista list. Is their any possible way to make this work or am i just out of luck?? If for some reason i posted this in the wrong category or place, i'm sorry. Its my first post, but any info at all would surely be appreciated... thank you :D

My monitor is: BenQ FP241VW 24-inch LCD
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  1. It will work. As long as you have the proper cables to connect it to your graphics card, you can hook up virtually any monitor you choose.
  2. Thank you and i have every possible cable, so that shouldn't be an issue!
  3. Great, you're welcome. If your monitor has digital inputs like DVI or HDMI, I suggest you use those over the analog VGA connection.
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