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hey guys i've switched from win 7 ultimate to win 8 pro and now my front usb[both usb 2] can't work unless i restart the pc once/plug in the usb in and then restart pc. If i don't restart and i plug them in, the pc shows no HDD light at all ,as if nothing has been plugged in , also my other devices are not working too,keyboards etc...only back usb works, how to fix this?
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  1. Have you reinstalled all your motherboard drivers?
  2. stickmansam said:
    Have you reinstalled all your motherboard drivers?

    yea bro,every needed drivers are there
  3. Well for me my front panel USB's were bonky so I wiped all my drivers and did a redownload and re install, rebooting after every driver 1 at a time and now it works

    The front panel ones have worked on previous builds?
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