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ASUS HD7970-DC2T-3GD5 quadfire

hello i am planing on buying two Asus 7970 dc2t's for crossfire and a Rampage IV Extreme Motherboard but am reconsidering because i think it will stop me being able to upgrade to quad fire in the future because they are so large. So basically what i need to know is there a motherboard and case out there that would accept this great card in a quad fire setup. Thank you very much
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  1. When you're about to spend on more than 2 video cards for a PC, I really think you should've read more reviews (psu, video card, motherboard, cases), see more more benchmark and think more thoroughly. I'm not going to recommend any motherboard for you. 4-Way Crossfire makes little sense but just for ego or setting/challenging world records.
  2. Yea its more of a benchmark thing to have 4 GPU's which if that is your thing go for it. You start to see games actually starting to act worse when you go past 2-3 cards working in SLi or Crossfire.

    Honestly here is what I would do if I were you. Buy one card at a time. If you are using a multi monitor setup go ahead and get a second 7970 and test it out. See if your frames are acceptable if they are stick with it but don't go all in on upgrades piece things together and when you feel like you need more add to it. You could upgrade other components then just your graphics card with the money you are willing to put into your graphic cards.
  3. haha well really all i want to know if 4 asus 7970 dcts will fit on any motherboard or are they to big the apparently take up 2.5 slots its mainly for the future once the 8970s come out and stuff like that currently im only getting 2
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    You are right oscar you can't because they are triple slot cards you can only fit 2 and maybe that is a good thing stopping you from getting 4 cards and you being unhappy with your results in the end :)
  5. ha ok yeah that is good i guess so do you recon 2 will be fast enough also do you think it will outperform a 8970
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  7. Two 7970s will more then likely win the battle against a 8970 if you are planning on purchasing a card within the next few months just wait a few months and purchase the newer cards when they come out :)
  8. toscar12 said:
    ha ok yeah that is good i guess so do you recon 2 will be fast enough also do you think it will outperform a 8970

    Well the only way the 8970 will outperform 2 7970s in CF is if the 8970 will have a 80-100% performance increase over the 7970 which it will most certainly NOT have. So yes, 2 7970s in CF WILL beat an 8970 (not factoring in Crossfire driver support).
  9. Correct it seems very very unlikely and there hasn't been a giant leap performance wise with there flagship cards (nvidia and AMD)
  10. Right but when you paired 2 of a previous generation card there flagship card typically it amounted up to 1 of the next generations flagship cards.
  11. hi thanks everyone for there reply's i just read a quad fire review at
    so im pretty damn sure 2 will be plenty i was thinking of waiting for 8970 but cant be stuffed and i realy love the asus dc2t so i think il go with that.
    according to overclock3d "So for gaming the Quadfire is no use to man nor beast."
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