Palit GTX460 Sonic 2GB Fan speed problems

Hello community. Recently, I've experienced a problem where my GTX460 graphics card shut itself down due to overheating after 2 hours of playing Fallout New Vegas. After the restart and with a little searching, I've discovered that my fan speed has slowed down a lot.

For details, I've had Palit Thunder Master previously installed for controlling my fan speed though I haven't changed anything on it for almost 2 months. Having tried many settings, I have come to know the noise of the card when setting the fan speed to something higher than 60%.

Upon recently opening Thunder Master to check things out, I've already noticed a problem when the pointers / bars to indicate the fan speed and temperature were stuck no matter the values. Just to check, I've set my fan speed to 100% and noticed that the fan wasn't as loud as it used to be. Heck, it was nowhere near as loud as the 80% manual fan speed I often used when playing heavy games before settling with the auto fan speed configuration.

To check further, I've opened up my HWMontior. Looking at the values under my GTX460, I can see that the GPU's fan speed is at 3000rpm when at 100% which I think is a little too low. In fact, while gaming, the speed will often go down to 2600rpm. The average speed at 40% right now is around 600 - 900rpm though a few minutes ago, it dipped to a new low 150rpm while still at 40%.

Solutions I've tried are reinstalling my current graphics driver (306.97), downloading and installing the newest graphics driver (310.90) and uninstalling Thunder Master as well just be sure though the problem still remains. Have yet check the GPU physically though I'm gonna be opening it up soon. The card still works nicely though the lower fan speed could pose a problem when playing too long.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Probably because of dust. Clean the video card fans (and maybe the rest of the system while you're at it) using compressed air and a small paintbrush.
  2. Opened up my computer and checked out the card. Barely and dust in it but turns out that the fan is loose. Tried pushing it inwards from the outside though after trying to spin it a little bit with my finger, it simply pushes itself upwards then starts hitting the heatsink.

    My card isn't under warranty anymore so I'm not sure what to do.
  3. Man, im having almost the same problem with my gtx460 EVGA.

    I use MSI afterburner to control my fan speed and when i upgraded to 310.90 my fan suddenly stops working! I only noticed after my video card stopped working because of an overheating in BF3.

    I cleaned all the dust of my computer but the problem persisted, so i "upgraded" to 306.97 again and its all good now. I hope they fix this soon.


    I downloaded the lestest beta drivers (313.96) and it's now working again.
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