Hello guys i need help.
I have i big problem ...
Everytime i try to watch a video clip my pc crashs i get BSOD .
I have Radeon HD 6670 .
I tried with another driver version such as 12.6 , 12.8 etc.
the strange thing is everytime i update graphic card it works perfectly until i shut down or restart my pc .
After that i geting BSOD again.
I know its a graphic card proble, but i can play games normal.
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  1. Try these steps to uninstall your video card drivers then reinstall the drivers again. Download the latest drivers directly from AMD's website
  2. its not the graphic card...
    I thought it was my graphic card so i bringed the card back and i got a new one.
    I turned on my pc and everything worked fine then until i restarted my pc.
    Then i got the same problem again.
    I shuted down pc and now its work again fine ...
    Its so weired .
    Pls does somebody have a answer for me.
  3. Update your bios to latest and reinstall your will be fine.
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