Dead asus gtx 660??

I bought a gtx660 and when fitted I can't get past splash screen. My system runs fine with my old VGA in it (pny quadro 600). System specs are- asus m5a99x evo mobo, amd fx8120 black edition, Kingston hyperx ram 16 gb, ocz 240gb ssd, seagate 2tb, corsair 750w psu new. I've never had a problem with the system before now. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Boot with the old card and remove all graphics drivers. Then shut down and swap cards. Start up and see if that helps.
  2. Done that. Nothing. I updated the bios, tried every different hardware config too and it made no difference. Coms reset did nothing either. I'm stuck on this!
  3. Can you try it in another rig?
  4. Just tried it in another rig and it works. Damn. Would having ram that isn't on the qualified vendors list for the mobo be causing this issue??
  5. Doubt it but try it with one ram stick.
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