My computer shutdown by itself and wont turn back on 2012

my pc shutdown whilst playing sleeping dogs after 30 minues and now it wont boot up
I've checked evrything from the wiring to cpu, mobo, graphics card, hard drives, fans, psu and front pannel.
I cant find what's wrong can someone help me please ?
Note there's a green light on the motherboard indicatng power!
pc specs-
CIT Warlord Case
PSU CIT 700w black edition
Moherboard Asus M5A78LM 3.0
RAM corsair vengence 8gb (1stick)
CPU - AMD fx6100 3.3 ghz (not overclocked)
Graphics Card - HD 7870 ghz core edition 2gb
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  1. I would say your psu is shot if it will not turn on.
  2. Not a very reliable PSU at all, that's the first place I'd look.

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