Intel HD graphics 4000 underperforming the geforce 610m?

Hi guys,

I've got a question. I have purchased the Lenovo Ideapad u410 with both a 610m and a intel hd 4000. Now i've seen in the other thread here intel is better for most games. Here are my specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz, 2401 MHz, 2 core('s), 4 logische processor(s)
8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM
Intel HM77 chipset
running w8 pro with latest drivers..
and ofcourse intel hd graphics 4000

Now my 610m can run casual games alright, but my intel card really lags and is much worse than the 610m

I really dont know whats wrong..

So my question is; is something bottlenecking the intel hd 4000 or is there something wrong with the software or something and how can i solve this?
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  1. They should be of almost identical performance, so it doesn't matter which card you use.

    Try installing the latest drivers. As for bottlenecking, it's more likely that the GPUs are bottlenecking the CPU, not the other way around.
  2. There are different versions of the hd 4000 just clocked differently from 350-1300mhz dynamic frequency. Your cpu is 350-1150mhz so the 610m would ideally have a small edge. It could be that your temps are too high so isn't going to the highest speed. You could also try changing to max performance in the intel graphics control panel. The turbo speed of the cpu will also affect what clock the igpu is at. The 610m would be at it's highest clocks as long as it isn't too hot and the cpu could still turbo to it's highest speed.
  3. Thanks for the replies!
    But in my intel graphic control panel i can't choose max performance? I can change very little things in the control panel.. Is there a better control panel in which i can change more values? Also, how do I know if my processor is using the turbo?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. Also, if i look at my system specs via the configuration screen, it says that my BIOS is "verouderd" (which means its old in dutch)
    Could this be a problem?
  5. Intel has a turbo monitor.

    Is the control panel in advanced mode? Are you in the power section, not the 3d section?

    The bios version isn't a problem.
  6. Yea i've done those settings already.. Yesterday when i used intel xtreme tuning utility and put the turbo boost power max to fullest and tried to run it, it ran a lot better than the 610m!
    Is it dangerous to do this? Im talking about this program:

  7. Hmm al of a sudden it's underperforming again, not sure what i did yesterday to overcome this :s
  8. I've got the feeling that my processor keeps a low profile even if i start a game.. But I have set all the energy settings to high performance and still there is something thats keeping a low profile.. I'm out of solutions! Help please!
  9. When I start a game and check the Intel Turbo Boost Monitor, I can see that my processor just keeps at the same 1.9 GHz rate.. So it seems that my "turbo" does not kick in, am I right?

    If so, how do I get it to work?

    Thanks in advance!
  10. do you have the power brick plugged in? If the laptop is running on battery it might limit some power hungry operations like high clockspeeds etc...
  11. I have it on the power brick yes. All of sudden now it runs really smooth again, no idea why? But erm i have another question. It's about the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility;

    Now I put the settings to this and started a game. After +- 15 minutes I stopped and checked the CPU temperature just to be sure. It was around 60-65 celcius. Is this harmful? What settings do you guys recommend in this program for my cpu?
  12. 60-65c is perfectly fine for a laptop cpu, anything below 80 is just fine. Just make sure it gets air when you're gaming so dont keep it on bed/pillow/lap in a way that blocks the airvents (both intake and exhaust).
  13. So the settings like I have now in the utility can't do harm if I make sure the temperature stays like that?
  14. Timson said:
    So the settings like I have now in the utility can't do harm if I make sure the temperature stays like that?

    what exactly have you changed in it? I'm not familiar with that utility...
    though the max power at 4096W is completely bonkers (it is not going to get anywhere near that, more like 40W if you bump up the voltage as well)
    Additional voltage seems to be at 0 so that is definitely a safe setting :)
  15. If it is like other tuning utilities, it has to run to load the profile you made. It is completely safe. This is not overclocking, you are locked anyways. You are simply making it run at max performance. The reason it isn't normally is probably because it is an ultrabook. Oems will force a low power profile. Having the settings max like you do still won't let the cpu go above its true max.

    I noticed you are at 2.4ghz idling. If you turn down the time will it still have performance issues? And will it lower it's speed when idling?

    Btw why not just use the 610m?
  16. It does lower speed when idling yeah. I figured out that if I use a power setting from Lenovo (my manufacturer) it uses the power boost. My only concern now is exceeding the TDP of the processor.. For my processor the max TDP is 17, mine turns like 26 Watt maximal when playing a game. Is this bad? Should I stick to 17 watt as maximum? My core temperature does stay around 60-65 again, even with more Watt.

    Bottom line; is a TDP of 26 watt (while theoretical max is 17 Watt) whilst gaming hurtful even though the temperature stays the same as when using 17 watt?
  17. k1114 said:
    It is completely safe.

    On the intel site, if you go to more details, the max tdp in turbo is actually 25w. In the utility it is 21w by default so it is clear lenovo must have set that and is causing this issue.
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