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Hello, I have just bought a gamer pc and I don't know much about computers, I have a radeon hd7770 in and I use a hdmi cable to connect to the tv but when I play games it goes negative for a while then goes back to normal and it does this a couple of times. I found out that my graphics card is upside down so I was wondering if the hdmi is upside and isn't going in properly that might cause this? Or if it is something else?
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  1. Your graphics card is upside down? What? Can you take a picture!?
  2. Well my hdmi port is upside down and when I talked to one of my friends they said my graphics card must be upside down. So I was wondering cos it's upside down could the top bit be blocking the hdmi getting in duly and that might be causing the negativity to go on the screen but if I change the hdmi channel and put it bk on the channel my pc is in it goes back to normal
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