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How do you view a devices output in windows?

Been searching online for hours but I can't find anything

I am working on a project and I am attempting to view an HDMI input through my computer. Like a capture card, but I do not want to record the video.

So here is a diagram of what I am trying to achieve.

Device output --> HDMI/DVI/VGA --> PC Input --> inside windows--> PC Monintor

So in the end I will have a window of my input that I can minimize and manipulate.

Any suggestion? I know it is someone where on the line of a capture card...
I have a gtx570 of that would do anything.

Or is there a way to use a VGA port on my computer to achieve this?

Edit: I just want to have the ability to have the output in a window for I can manipulate it.

Thanks for any help, so lost
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    look at dazzle capture cards. they are cheap...i used one to capture my xbox 360 gameplay

    edit: no you can't use your vga port as its designed for video output to some external display, not video imput...dazzle uses usb for the imput
  2. I am not trying to record though, just to view and have my pc to have the ability to view it and read from it
  3. You need a capture card. Graphics cards with that function such as Ati All-in-wonder have long been abandoned by manufacturers.

    I'm guessing this would do the trick:
  4. if you want to "view" it you still need a capture card dawg
  5. It is a simple capture card. They all come with software, that does exactly what you want, except viewing copy protected content (HDCP).
  6. Thank you everyone, appreciate it. If I do this how bad will the delay/ lag be?
  7. small delay 5 sec tops
  8. Is there anyway to get the delay to something non noticeable? Or non existent?
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