New Pc build suggestions

Hey guys this is my new build
I am a first time builder and inexperienced with computers
Any ideas or constructive criticism would be appreciated
Case: Coolermaster 922
CPU: intel i5 3570k
motherboard: asus p8z77
video card: Amd radeon 7950 sapphire
power supply: Kingwin abt-750 mm 750w
ssd: Samsung 840 pro series
Ram: G-skill Ripjaws X series 16gb
optical drive: LG blu-ray burner

Tell me what you think or if I should make any changes, Thanks
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  1. Are you gaming only or more work orientate pc? If your build is mainly gaming, no need to get 16gb ram right now.
    Get a more popular brand psu. PSU is very important if you do not know, corsair are good one,xfx,thermaltake, if you are not planning on going crossfire, 600W is more than enough.
    Are you overclocking? If yes you need an after market cooler. If not there is no reason to buy the k version.
    Are you thinking about buying more storage or is that ssd have a huge storage? Installing os and using it for a couple of days/weeks and you'll ran out of storage very quickly under 120gb+ or 240gb+ ssd.
  2. If this is a gaming only machine, unless you simply have to have a ton of games installed, 120GB SSD is OK, 180+ better (10 months along my 160GB model is fine).
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