What Graphics card to get?

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  1. Budget is roughly £300-£500
    Ideas so far are GTX 670 MSI power edition.
    Would it be better to go gtx680?
    Also should I get a 2gb or 4gb for 'future proof' against new games?

    Thanks in advance
  2. The GTX 670 is a better deal than the GTX 680. The 4 GB version is mainly intended for SLI.

    By the way, you could save some money by getting a Core i5-3570k instead, and a lower-wattage power supply.
  3. ok thank you, i guess ill go with a gtx 670.
    And yeah I know but I kind of want an i7 haha. And I'm getting the psu purely so it doesnt cut out and stuff. Happened before haha.
    Thanks for the feedback
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