TWO faulty Gigabyte 7970 GHz's in a row?

I bought a new PC a month ago -
Asrock P67 PRO3,
8 gigs of RAM,
Plextor M5S 256+Seagate 2TB 7200.14
XFX Core 550w 80+ Bronze PSU
and this damned 7970 GHz Edition 1100mhz core from Gigabyte.
After installing the drivers (12.11, also tried different older ones to no avail), I noticed that the GPU Meter couldn't detect my new graphics card. So I ran GPU-Z and the card was correctly recognized. However, my GPU temperature and fan speed could not be displayed for some reason. Every game was lagging. Turns out my card was not going 3D mode and using 150 core / 300 mem. Forcing 3D clocks through MSI:AB (or any other app) resulted in a freeze. In fact, even messing with the powertune setting caused my PC to freeze. Running Sapphire Trixx hung up the whole system (wow...). Actually, even 150 / 300 clocks were unstable and caused my PC to freeze on desktop after 15-30 min. So I switched to my old HD5830 and everything was working perfectly again. RMA'd my card and got a replacement. Sadly, the card was acting the same way as the first one. Still 150 / 300, still 0c, still hangs up. I can't really test the card in another PC because my only friend with a good enough PSU to power it is away. So I will have to wait a week or so, probably. Should I RMA it again -_-?
Using a 6 and 6+2 connector to power it.
5830 works 100% fine.

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  1. Well it's always possible to get two dead cards in a row, though I'd start to suspect another problem...

    It's possibly a PSU problem or possibly a driver/Windows problem. Might be worth trying a clean Windows install + clean driver install and seeing if that helps anything.

    Wouldn't trust GPU-z too much one way or another... it's never been able to read any of my 7970s correctly. Afterburner is the most reliable software.
  2. I noticed you have several "other devices" with explanation points on them. That often means there is a conflict in the system.
  3. bystander said:
    I noticed you have several "other devices" with explanation points on them. That often means there is a conflict in the system.

    ooooooooo good call... (I can't see the pics on my browser)

    If you have other devices conflicting, that would explain your issues perfectly.
  4. Yea that would clear up things a little bit I'm sure his power supply is sufficient its a quality unit. I would update your devices with the motherboard cd that you may or may not have otherwise I would go to there website and update your drivers manually.
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