Computer freezes

Hello,my computer freezes when im mostly playing games. It mostly freezes when the gpu is using most of its usage. I think i have the latest drivers.
i have a 7870 hawk ed
amd phenom II X4
600 watt power supply corsair
and im not overcloaking

anybody can think of a reason?
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  1. Bad memory is what I would look at first.
  2. ill look into that
  3. Memory or overheating. Run memtest86 to test memory and run speedfan while playing games to monitor temps.
  4. i tested ram and the first said i had bad ram so tired tested each stick alone and no errors. so i tested my both at the same time again and nothing
  5. and temps are fine
  6. Monitor your temps while playing the game that shuts down your computer. How high does the cpu and gpu temp get?
  7. cpu is like 45 and gpu is in the 40's. and like benchmarking the gpu will make it freeze also
  8. and my gpu is always under a full load when i play a game
  9. Have you updated your drivers?
  10. ive downloaded the latest from msi and amd
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