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Lines Across Webpages Only, Suggestions?


I have a family friend that emailed me about computer issues (we all know how that is), but this one is new to me and wanted to see if anyone had some suggestions before I made the 45 minute drive out to see them.

You will find the screenshot below. As you can see, they are getting lines across the screen but in a way that I have never seen before. Now, i am holding their words loosely, but they state that this only happens in the web browser. Looking at the screenshot I can see the line are contained within the browser window, as the IE tabs and window at the top of the screen are intact and normal.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

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  1. see if they can boot into safe mode with networking to see if the same thing happens.
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    Let me guess, the motherboard has an Intel on board graphics chip.
    If I am right, its the driver, it needs an update, Had one a few months back doing the exact same thing. Also when scrolling the web pages it stuttered like heck.
    Uninstalling the driver completely restarting, the system then installing a new driver fixed it.
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