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So,soon I'm buying my new rig.It's my first and probably last,because I don't plan to upragde.So there it is and i have some questions:

1.GB B75-D3V (or ASROCK B75M-DGS,which one should I choose,I heard that the GB is better,but anyway what are your thoughts?)
2.i5 3350P (No,I don't want 3470 or another i5,that's without integrated intel hd graphics and i'ts also cold)
3.HD 7850 2gb oc (I'm not changing that too,maybe 7870,but we'll see.There isn't problem that the cpu is intel and gpu amd,right?)
4.Seagate barracuda 1tb 64mb 7200.14
5.4gb ram 1600mhz
6.PSU FD 500W INTEGRA R2 (Or SEASONIC GOLD 360W,which one should I choose?)
7.FD CORE 3000 USB3 ATX BLACK (Is that a good choise,it comes with 3 fans,right?Is it better than CM 430 or 431?)

And that's it.I already said that I'm not changin anything except you have better offer for mb,psu etc..I just want to know is this rig balanced,and have to say that I have monitor too. (1280x1024).

Thank you.

BTW: I forgot to say that i will not overclock and use the machine mainly for gaming and video editing.
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  1. Having an Intel CPU with an AMD VGA is not a problem, it will work just fine.

    Your video card is way more than enough for 1280x1024, you don't need a 7870.

    4GB RAM may be too little, can you afford 8GB? It's not that expensive.

    I don't know that FD PSU. Seasonic is good, but 360W very little power. You should find a decent 500W under $100.

    I didn't really understand why you chose a B75 card, since you don't want the integrated GPU. A Z77 would be better, if you can afford it.
  2. No issue with the AMD gpu and Intel CPU, running the same thing myself :)

    I would get this PSU, corsair is good and 430w is enough

    The Asrock MB is decent for low end. B75 is okay if you do want need to OC (the 3350p can OC to 3.7ghz) and don't need SLI/CFX

    Yep your your res 7850 is more than fine, you can even consider getting the 7850 1gb version

    I would get 8gb of ram, its only a bit more than 4gb

    Cases to consider would be NZXT Source 210 elite, Source 220, CM ones are good too, Corsair 200r
    Be sure to get one with USB3
  3. thank you guys.I will get 4gb for now,later another 4gb.I don't plan to overclock,so I will be staying with one of these Mobo's.So,which one should I choose?The GB?And for the PSU- SEASONIC 360W GOLD,not just 360W,does that mean something?So I should get the FD 3000 USB3 Case?
  4. Step up to at least a bronze rated 520w Seasonic or 500w corsair. 360w will not be enough for the graphics card you are looking at.
  5. You don't need a Gold PSU, it is just 5% more efficient but overall costs overrule energy cost savings, get the 80 plus bronze CX430 for $25 after MIR

    Asrcok is good for low end, very little differentiation there between brands

    Fractual is overpriced, I would get a cheaper case like these ones
  6. Since you want to buy 4gb ram now and 4gb later, the GB board would be the better choice as the Asrock only has 2 ram slots.
  7. How many slots has the GB board than?Unfortunately,there aren't of these cases in the shop in my city (small,really small xD) and there are only CM's,and FD's.About the PSU,520W BRONZE SEASONIC,or should I get the FD 500W INTEGRA R2?

    btw: I may buy another monitor in the future,but I'm not that sure,I may stick with that one too.So,will gtx 650Ti and i3 3220 be enough to play on maximum settings on that monitor modern games (AC3,BF3,FC3,Crysis 3,etc.) and will they be enough for future games?

  8. The GB board has 4 ram slots. You will not be able to play Crysis 3 at max. Crysis games tend to make even high end systems cry for mercy when cranked up. Even my system wouldn't probably play it at max and it isn't exactly slow. Not sure about the other games, but I would say most likely not. The games will be playable at lower settings, though.
  9. Okay,than,I may not play it.But If I get the 650Ti and i3 3220 will a 360W GOLD SEASONIC ENOUGH?And I must say,that there's only the version of palit avaible,are palit any good?And what about that PSU : FORTRON AURUM GOLD 400W,will this be enough if I get the i5 3350P and 7850 2gb oc?
  10. And can you suggest me a case of CM or FD,with 2 or 3 fans?
  11. You need at least a 500w power supply with a 7850. A seasonic or corsair bronze rated at 500w + will work for you. A Corsair 600w bronze costs the same prices at that FSP 400w gold.
  12. Okay,can you suggest me a CM or FD case?
  13. How much you looking to spend on case? I really like my HAF 922.
  14. Whatever...I have another question.Are palit any good?Cuz' that's the only avaible version of 650Ti's.About the case-60-70$
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  16. I like the CM 430
    I also like the Source NZXT 210 Elite
    or the corsair 200r
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