HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi all, i have a fujitsu siemens esprimo mobile v5535 laptop with windows vista and intel pentium dual-core inside and a standard vga adapter inside. i have games like medal of honor installed which i used to play regular, i'm not quite sure what i did wrong but all of a sudden i cant play any of them, with medal of honor it says something like failed to load subsystem. i believe it could be something to do with graphics car or drivers or something like that but i dont have a clue which one or where to download it from. any help at all will be greatly appreciated but i ust add i really aren't to good on computers so if you could tell me what i need to do and how you do it please and save my sanity any info could be sent to my e-mail thanks
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  1. you can google your laptops brand and model number and use "driver" at the end of your search and you can find them.

    just to make it a little easier i did that for you.

    The first set of drivers are for windows XP the second is the one you need, is vista.

    I hope it help.

    This is the official page for your drivers
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