Counter-Strike help plz I beg u (hehe)

When I play Counter-Strike, the game always hangs & I must hard reboot (ctrl-alt-del doesn't work). When it does this, the screen just freezes in-game (no BSOD) & I can hear a sound "loop" (of the game sounds at time of freezing).
I have no problems with it freezing in Windows (I'm using Win2k SP2) or other programs.
If I switch back to my older 433Celeron, I have no problems at all (not for over 2 years too!). But this newer 850Celeron is giving me fits. I know it's not a BIOS thing because it's all done automatically (multipliers/dividers/fsb/voltage etc) when I enter the cpu info (8x100).
I am getting desperate here folks & really need some help. Here's any relevant info you may need:

Celeron850/100FSB(retail boxed)+ASUS Slotket < gives me fits
Celeron433/66FSB+ABIT Slotket < works like a charm
3x128MB PC100 DIMMs
SBLive Value
Adaptec 29160 SCSI
300Watt PS (2 1/2 years old)



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  1. You're running 1.3, yes? My CS has started to crash with some frequency, but I think they are fixing it.

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  2. My CS used to crash once in a while, while hosting a server, now w/ 1.3 it crashes rather frequently.

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