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I've been working with computers for quite some time now, but I've never had a job doing it professionally. I've built a couple computers and done basic maintenance, networking, malware removal, etc. Recently I decided to get into the computer repair field while in college so I can get out of working in food service.

I was just hired at my university's computer service center as a tier one repair tech. The job responsibilities mainly revolve around virus removal, installing/configuring software, possibly some hardware upgrades, fixing network problems, etc. This stuff is all easy, but I wanted to know if anyone has some basic advice on how to efficiently fix someones computer. I guess I need a method on how to approach problems so I'm not wasting time or trying to fix problems that aren't relevant to the customer's problem.

I guess I'm just looking for some overall advice from people that have been doing this for a while. It will help my confidence level when I start the job, as nervousness tends to impede one's knowledge.

The job also entails working on Macs a lot (many students use macbooks). I've never really worked with Mac, but I'm sure I could pick it up quickly.

Thanks for any advice. I'm so happy to be getting some experience with IT instead of serving people Lattes at Starbucks. :bounce:
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  1. Dear first of all i congratulate you to have this job,as far as macs problem you need to join macs official forum which really helpful to you.
  2. Here is the general decision-making tree for being tech support:

    (1) Try to have them solve it by rebooting, after unplugging their computer, monitor, router, shaver charger, and vibrator.
    (2) If 1 does not work, blame the most recent software they have installed.
    (3) If they argue that 2 must not be true, then blame viruses.

    Seriously, though, congrats on the job. It is harder to get a job than win the lottery these days.

    I generally find that the best way to determine the cause of the problems is to start eliminating potential causes. Start with Windows Safe Mode, and then work from there.

    But it's all about experience. You'd be surprised how much you learn, and how fast.
  3. The best fix for Macs is a drop kick... Just don't let the owner see you do it. Try to kick it on the first bounce for best results. ;)
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