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The Sheriffs Office I work for is planning on purchasing 5 new computers. The current computers have Windows XP on them. I was planning on purchasing the parts off of for these 5 new computers. Do you guys think I should go ahead and upgrade to Windows 7 for these 5 new computers? Or should I continue using Windows XP?

If I were to go with Windows 7, what would be the cheapest route? Like does the Windows 7 Professional only activate one computer? Would it be cheaper to go through windows and maybe get a volume license (if they even have a volume license for Win 7). Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Jacob G
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  1. Windows 7 is well worth the upgrade, don't bother sticking with XP. Microsoft do have discounts available for small businesses afaik. Try contacting them and see what they have to say.
  2. Purchase some cheap Dells, the OEM license of Windows 7 will come with it.

    If you purchased your own copy of Windows 7, the license would only be valid for one desktop, one laptop.
  3. Go WIN 7.

    From yesterday: "Windows XP SP3 remains the most vulnerable OS among the currently still-supported Microsoft operating systems. ",13676.html
  4. heh, They only support Win2k3, winxp, vista, 7, 2008 I think these days.
  5. Win XP support is on the way out the door... Just forget it even exists :)
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