Sli or not?

i was going to build a system with 2 gtx 660 and run them in sli but is it worth it and what is microstuttering and does this affect the graphics cards? also i was also thinking of getting a gtx 660ti or get a gtx 660 is there a big difference or not. i was planning on playing bf3.
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  1. As I see it there are two reasons to get SLI; You want to get good framerates at higher resolution than 1920x1200 OR you own a 120 MHz monitor and want the fps that can take advantage of its fast refresh ratio. Some people see it as a way to 'futureproof' their system, but most experts would recommend against getting two weaker graphics cards when you can get a single better one.

    Microstuttering occurs on all SLI/Crossfire setups, especially those with 2 cards. It can be reduced by optimizing your visuals, setting up framelimiters and such, however some level of stutter will always remain. Some say it's more apparent on AMD/Nvidia's setups, some do not notice it at all, some just don't mind it - it's a very subjective and therefore, difficult matter to give advice on.

    So the truth is that you're probably better off with one, powerful card.
  2. what about a msi gtx 660ti instead
  3. Hi :)

    Try a 7990...I stuttering...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. i would if i had the money. i was thinking a gtx 660 ti as a starter then upgrade later on.
  5. Lol Brett. You can't even find those can you? heard they were very limited. But we don't know his res. He's looking at a $500 solution not a $1000 one. I'm just saying.

    crossfire makes more sense to me, with better performance and better price, than a downclocked solution with 2GPUs on one card. Just me though
  6. @hizodge

    another reason would be cost. often people attracted to sli/cf mid range cards because the performance can exceed the single gpu performance while costing less. plus the scaling on mid range cards are tends to be better than the high end cards in the past.

    btw what about nvidia frame metering to reduce micro stuttering? idk if it's hardware or spftware based but when TR did their review for 690 they did mention about this solution that suppose to reduce micro stuttering
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