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i have been discover new LONG PATH ERROR FIXER

did you encounter this error
*Path too long
*Error cannot delete file: cannot read from source file or disk
*Cannot delete file: Access is denied


Just download it.. it may help you guys
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  1. It seems to be efficient.

    Update: haha, of course I'm trying to make fun of the fact that the OP is a *spammer*, and his own link got shortened by the moderators.

  2. softwarepostbyspammerwhichmayharmyourcomptuer . com
  3. Definitly not clicking that link unless i know what it is..
  4. read description above please
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    Do not spam on the forums, it is against the rules
  6. SalimBarina said:
    read description above please

    Your original post has nothing want the tool/site actually is, only "if you ever have these problems click this link for something that will help" type post. Also that long path site doesn't work, says the site is unavaliable.
  7. SalimBarina said:
    softwarepostbyspammerwhichmayharmyourcomptuer . com

    How much do you earn by putting links into forums?
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