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Is the Geforce gtx 670 compatible with this:
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  1. The PSU is not anywhere NEAR powerful enough. All it could support is a 7750. That system would also badly bottleneck a 670. Doesn't make any sense to spend as much on a GPU as you spent on the entire rest of the system.
  2. I know, sorry I didn't mention it, but I'm going to upgrade the PSU to a Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt ATX/EPS 80 PLUS (CX600)
  3. It still doesn't make sense to run a 670 with that CPU. Id say a 7850.
  4. well your system can handle a 670,
    but it would be very advisable to upgrade the cpu soon enough too
    how long are u planning to keep this build?
  5. Quite long, what do you mean upgrade the cpu?
  6. i dont think it will last "QUITE LONG"
    (but still how many more years will still have your current cpu?)
    i say save some money on the gpu so that u can buy a decent cpu later
  7. So what do you mean upgrade the cpu?
  8. how many years do u plan on keeping the cpu?
  9. got any suggestions for a cpu that can take it?
  10. i've got a lot of suggestions but do u have the budget for 670 AND a good cpu ?
    and please answer
    1. how long u plan on keeping this cpu?
    2. when did u buy it?
  11. I bought the computer last year, so I'm probably only gonna keep the cpu for another year or two
  12. For the budget, you can just put all the suggestions and I'll see which one fits best
  13. well, it is a quad core so it should be a bit more future-proof but cant say anything about gaming performance
    for your orignal question, it can easily handle a 670 and it an awesome gpu and will last a lot longer than your cpu.
    i say u overclock your cpu, it is AMD and easily overlockable if u overclock it it will better.
    your cpu may not be THAT bad and if u are not crazy about high FPS u can easily keep it for a year or two, but i would suggest a overlock to get the most out of it.
    maybe u should buy a 670 now and replace the cpu after a year or two
  14. Wait, so can you suggest any CPUs for me anyways? Maybe just one that would at least get me the most of what I paid for?
  15. well, the BEST cpu for gaming right now is the i53570k, but a regular i5 or in most cases an i3 too, will give u most out of a 670, so it is up to u which u can afford.
    what i would suggest u do is get a 670 for gaming and IF u feel it is necessary u can upgrade your cpu later as u wish.
    and what resolution do u play in?
  16. Hi,
    I agree with the above (mostly):

    1. When a Power Supply is rated at "300W" that means the TOTAL power on all of the Voltage outputs. Not only is that power supply insufficient in raw power (a GTX670 would need a 550W or greater) but you also need to verify the power output on the +12V rail. So you need to ensure:
    a) the overall Wattage is high enough (i.e. 550W or greater)

    b) the +12V rail Amperage is sufficient (the easiest way is to verify it has the proper 6-pin and/or 8-pin connections for the graphics card), and

    c) the needed 6-pin and/or 8-pin connections exist

    2. CPU and bottlenecking:
    This is somewhat complicated, however by my (very rough) estimate your CPU when paired with a GTX670 would achieve between 50% and 75% the frame rate of the GTX670 when paired with an i5-3570K CPU.

    I see THREE main options for you:
    #1 - Buy a GTX670 and put it a new build later (not recommended).

    #2 - Buy a better CPU and GTX670 (not recommended).

    #3 - Buy a graphics card like the HD7850 2GB that isn't as bottlenecked (recommended).

    ***I want to be perfectly clear, you WILL achieve higher frame rates in some games if you buy the GTX670 versus the HD7850. The problem is that the difference likely won't be huge so the best VALUE is likely to buy no more than an HD7950.

    4. You'll still have a pretty nice gaming system with "only" an HD7850 2GB card. Here's my recommended cards:



    Power Supply (example, look for SALES too at NCIX, Tigerdirect etc. quality brand Antec, Corsair other):

    - recommend one of the above cards or similar (get at least 2GB of VRAM, not 1GB)
    - 550W PSU minimum (ensure proper 6-pin/8-pin connections)
    - CPU bottlenecking amount varies by game
  17. So you're saying that I can get a gtx 660 ti but not a gtx 670?
    Why is that?
  19. 1920x1080
  20. You tend to keep the CPU/motherboard. HD7750/7770 can be your options for basic gaming config. Buying 670 is wasting money due to bottleneck on CPU.
    You can consider the ones with 2GB memory from Sapphire and Gigabyte.
  21. What about a 660ti?
  22. Wait, so you're saying that I can use a Gigabyte 670 that only has 2gb? Would that still be substantially bottlenecked?
  23. Hello?
    Can I have a response please?
    bcoz if u just want 30fps in games no need to go upto a 670 for 1080p.
    a 660ti(or 7950) or even a 660 can handle 1080p at 30 fps
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