Masters of multi monitor cards, please help!

This is seriously the most frustrating thing I've ever done trying to purchase computer hardware. How is this not a sortable option in these shopping sites?

I have 3 monitors at home and 3 at the office.

27" Asus VG278H 3D Vision 120hz gaming monitor, needs a DL DVI-D
30 Dell needs DL DVI-D (this is my primary desktop monitor)
20 Dell, needs VGA or SL DVI-D

Gaming is only done on the 27". Generally limited to older games, but want to check out a couple newer 3D games before I get a GTX690. Machine its on has 32gb of ram and SSD drives.

30 Dell needs DL DVI-D (this is my primary desktop monitor)
2x 20 Dell, needs 2xVGA or 2x DVI-D single

99% office work, but occasionally fire up Unreal\Quake in the office. When that happens it would be on the 30".

I'm still trying to figure out cost effective ways to deal with this but have no way of doing any practical sorting to figure out what i need. For the 3D vision I believe I need at least a GTX590 to push the monitor to play any games at any serious level, but I've seen it may be more worthwhile to look into GTX600s because the 590s command a premium.

I want to avoid any adapters. I've run adapters in the past and they have caused issues. That being said, unless its cost prohibitive, I'd like to run one card in any scenario. I think is entirely possible for the office machine. I'm not sure how big of a deal running more than one card is in regards to running games and what not. I've always run single cards and never have to *** with any settings, and like that.

Help me out, I can't ******* make heads from tails.
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  1. Are you just looking to do 3D on one screen or multiple screens. The reason why I ask is maybe you could setup one monitor through 3D and other monitors on your onboard graphics card to help with performance if you aren't offloading all of it to your card. Also, to my knowledge you don't need adapters with Nvidia Surround for 3d you would need 3D vision so the glasses and the transmitter.
  2. Just on one screen. I'm also not interested in surround 2d gaming. Basically I would be doing gaming on the 27" by itself. When doing productivity I'd be using all 3 as independent displays. So 1600x1200 2560x1600 1920x1080

    At the office
    1600x1200 1600x1200 2560x1600
  3. I hadn't thought of that, thanks. I guess for the 20s I could run integrated. I don't know if my mobos have DL-DVI-Ds on the them though. The 27 gaming and both of the 30s need that.
  4. Well there are quite a few boards that have HDMI and DVI on board so if you wanted to go that route you could and then use the DVI cable for 3D through the card. And then I would think a single 670 or 680 with 4 gigabytes would do just awesome with a configuration centred around that. Because if you aren't interested in a 3 display gaming experience you are better off in my opinion pushing the other 2 monitors off the card so your card and have full focus on the monitor you would be using for 3D.
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