Product key for windows 7

i want to know product key for windows 7
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  1. buy a copy and you will know one.
  2. It's on the computer as a label, or on the box that it cam in. NO ONE here will be able to supply you a key, NOR tell you how to find a "Lost" key
  4. if you want to find out the serial number for your own windows 7, you can try magical jelly bean keyfinder tool.
    if you're asking for product keys of windows 7 os that you do not own, that is piracy and we do not support piracy here at tomshardware. it is against the rules.
    buy a windows 7 yourself and you'll get a product key. you can save money by buying an oem disk (tied to one hardware configuration).
    alternatively, you can use one of the free linux distros - no hassle with money.
  5. Since I'm in a good mood, have a freebie on me.

  6. You need to buy 7 in order to get a product key.
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