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What video card for asus m2ne

Hi I'm having problems with my current Nvidia 8500 gt GeForce video card and I'm trying to buy a new one to replace it, but I don't know how to sort out the video cards that are right for my motherboard. Can anyone help? I have an Asus m2n-e motherboard
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    You have a PCIe x16 slot on that board, so almost any card should work. However, given that this is an older board for older CPUs, I wouldn't probably buy anything beyond a mid-range card. Otherwise you're probably just going to be wasting money for performance you'll never realize.
  2. Oh alright thank you! I have a AMD 64 Athlonx2 cpu. I have one more question, since my motherboard is DDR2 would it matter if I buy a DDR3 video card?
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