What graphics cards can my mother board handle ?

HI there I am usually quite good with computers but this is a question I just cant seem to find the answer too. My mother board is a MSI (Micro Star) MS-7345 (P35 Neo2-FR) and im wondering what graphics cards it can take if someone would be kind enough to recommend some. I want one that will play newer games at a highish quality but I only want to spend a maxmimum of £120 .

thank you :)
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  1. It will work with any, it just might have a bottleneck. I don't think I would try anything more that a 7770 though.
  2. "You should upgrade your system first. HD7770 features PCI-e Gen3. however, the PCI interface of your current board (P35 Neo2-FR) is Gen 1, which is a bottleneck for system performance..
  3. As that may be a 7770 would provide enough performance to max out a pci express 1.0 slot. I had the same board as you. I had a 5770 in it that is what I used. Or at least it was quite similar to yours was a p45 board. http://www.msi.com/product/mb/P45-Neo2.html#/?div=Basic
  4. The 7770 does not take advantage of PCIE 2.0 or 3.0 so your board will be fine.
  5. Correct I would expect it to max out your system graphically because of how far ahead it is tech wise then PCI-E 1 cards are
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