What is so bad about this build?

So I purchased this computer for 500 dollars new: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c03517389&prodSeriesId=5295996

And I was wondering what I should upgrade, since people are saying thats a bad deal. The 6 core processor looks good, and the video card, while a little weak, is still 1gb of ram. I was thinking of a new psu and a Radeon 7870 in a few months, would that with this system be able to max new games?
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  1. well the cpu varies, but you said six core, so im assuming its the 6100. thats a cpu i would NOT recommend. if it was a 6300, different story.

    since you are planning a new psu and gpu in a few months, why not build your own? save yourself time and trouble. keep you away from that motherboard, which is stripped down compared to something you would build around.
  2. I have a build that will max games, but it would just be a hassle to order and wait for all of the parts to arrive then make sure it works. I mean I am fine with it playing on high. Idk, I guess I just want to make sure I should return it, if this computer is salvagable :P
  3. there are more to a CPU & GPU than how many cores it got & how much vRAM it has respectively.

    assuming this is for gaming, the FX-6120 is a Bulldozer chip which performed horribly in contrast to it's predecessors the Phenoms which costs less then just as it is now. in short, you'd have more or equal gaming performance with a cheaper Phenom II X4 in most cases, for less power, which made the bulldozer chip a big no-no for the best bang for your buck. it's core strength lied in multi-threaded application. now whether this will be implemented in next gen games or not, you'd still be better off with a Piledriver CPU (FX-4300/6300) at worst, which are an improvement at least. it's not big, but it's something & sufficiently good.

    as for your GPU, a gig of vram isn't going to mean a whole lot if it's a slow card. personally, you'll be spending fairly less just going with a 7870+FX-6300 later than a pre-built now + upgrades later.
  4. here's what i find a hassle. purchasing a prebuilt computer with inferior components only to find out that i need to upgrade everything inside. maybe thats just me
  5. THAT is true Daswilhelm. I will be sure to show this to my mom, seeing as she is the one against it :P I am fine with building it, My mom just hates the hassle. Cost isn't an issue.
    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hjcz my custom build. Tiny Voices helped me build it :D
  6. Well this pc has kept freezing over the past few days, so I am returning it, and building my own :D
  7. His link clearly states the cpu. So?

    It's ok.... Memory is out of balance and silly. Board socket is fine but the board itself is Meh. CPU is ok for 500 and you can get steamroller later this year. PSU needs upgraded for a 7870. GPU is beyond weak and not for gaming.

    Bottom line after OS you'd have $400 to spend. It's be hard to match this for 400 but possible. When you add your upgrade though you'd be better too save and do it right to start.
  8. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Hjcz Yea. I agree, Thanks for clarifying everyone:D
  9. Hazle said:

    assuming this is for gaming, the FX-6120 is a Bulldozer chip which performed horribly in contrast to it's predecessors the Phenoms .

    This is a marketing myth . An FX core is weaker than a Phenom core , BUT an FX core is not the same thing as a phenom core or an intel core .
    FX's 2 core modules are equivalent and they out perform a phenom by about 30 % . The limitation is they do it by executing two threads and not one

    But then we dont say a 3770K is a weaker cpu when its hyperthreading and running 8 threads ..... all of which are about 35% weaker than an i5 thread can be

    OP the best way is to build for yourself . You get control of a lot of things that companies like HP wont let you modify ... so you cant mess up and they dont have to pay warranty claims .
    But if you have that PC you can add a 7870 and game well

    ..........except for the power supply which is far too weak and would also need to be replaced with a 500 watt 80+ bronze unit
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