Would this be a CPU bottleneck issue, or something else?

First of all, my specs:
i5-750 2.6 ghz
16GB ddr3 1600 memory
1TB 7200rpm HDD
650W PSU
EVGA motherboard

Hi. I got a GTX 670 FTW 2GB last summer, and, for most of the time, it's been working just fine. Recently, though, I noticed some severe gaps in performance; curious, I installed EVGA Precision X to monitor the card while I played some of my most commonly-played games. Generally, I've found that the fps in most games starts to drop while the GPU is at 30 percent power. I've realized that this might be a CPU bottleneck, but I've heard that my processor isn't so old as to severely bottleneck the card like this. On the other had, I've found in some cases, I can run certain games without a problem; Crysis, for instance, runs at all High settings, with 16x AA at 1920x1080 at around 55 frames per second, with the GPU working at around 60 or 70 percent. It might just be that Crysis is well-optimitzed; with Arkham City, I'm lucky to get 15 fps at 30 percent GPU power. I'm hesitant to overclock the CPU, because I'm not sure if I have the power nor the cooling to run it well. On the other hand, I'm not ready to buy a new CPU, which I believe would require me to get a Z77 mobo, and this would cost too much right now. Do you guys have any advice as to how to solve this problem? Thanks.
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  1. I used to have a cpu about as strong as yours. Phenom x4 at 4 ghz. Frame rates in every sing;e one of my games went up a ton with my 7950, which is about as strong as yours.
  2. oc the procie :)
  3. That could also help if you don't have money for a new cpu, you would get a little gain at least.
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