BSOD help please?

hey all. didnt know where quite to post but m sure this will be fine. I bought a computer about 7 months ago and i had a GTX 555 in it. i recently wanted to get more fps so i bought a GTX680. i installed it and did all my driver updates and now i seem to be getting the "blue screen of death" after playing games for a while. i had BSOD when i opened my NVIDIA control panel but i seemed to fix that when i used the custom settings and checked the clean install box. But anywayy, the BSOD happens randomly like 1- 5 hours of gaming. once it does it once it seems to do it way more often. I have a alienware aurora R4 and ill list my specs below. Pleaseee any help would be great!

windows 7 64bit
i7-3820 cpu @ 3.60GHz
8.00 GB ram
GTX 680 evga (NVIDIA)
(not sure on power supply but i had no options when i built it and im pretty sure it has like a 975watt or something. i know its over 850watt for sure!)
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More about bsod please
  1. use whocrashed to see what is causing it.
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