Sell Twin R7770 or Keep

Hey new to the community figured id need to intro myself but didnt see a page.
Well ill start off with a question. Is it worth selling my 2 XFX R7770 Overclocked cards and buy 1 Gigabyte 7950? Or just stick with the 2 cards. I know Xfire can be a pain but most of my stuff runs it with no issues. Looking to future proof

I do mostly gaming

Pc Specs

HaF 922
Corsair GS800
Phenom II x6 1055t at 4ghz
Corsair H100
MSI 890fxa-GD65
2 XFX R7770 SuperOverclocks
16gb Corsair XMS3 Ram
Corsair 90gb SSD
WD 500GB Storage
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  1. My honest opinion would be for you is to sell the 2 7770 and get a single 7950. There's never a guarantee that CF would work with no issue especially since you're talking about future proof (which I don't necessarily believe in the term...ah well). One card is always more optimized and I don't see things change in the short term. A single 7950 is also twice as fast as 2 7770s and you'll get 3GB VRAM vs 1GB effective VRAM. Plus, 7950 are well known as a great overclocking card as well. With a couple tweaks, you can get around the performance of a GTX680.
  2. Kinda figured on that one. Already have the cards on craigslist
    Next question frys has the 7950 for 300 and the 70 for 400
    Is it worth the extra 100 or just put it toward a second 50?
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    That depends on you actually. I think a single 7950 will be more than enough. If you can justify the extra $100 for a 7970, go for it. If you can't, get a 7950.
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  5. Thanks for your help now just have to sell these
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