GPU not showing up in AMD Vision engine control center?

Hello, I recently was messing around with my ATI Radeon 7850.

Accidently, I hit the button for Composite sync in the Vision engine control, which caused the monitor to not work. I removed my GPU, and with onboard graphics, removed the current drivers for my GPU and updated them. Then, I put it back it, but now, in Vision Engine CC, my GPU doesn't appear there for me to change its settings and I still have to use the VGA in my Mobo, instead of my GPU's inputs.

Please, help.
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  1. Added note, while re installing my Graphics Card, I had accidently plugged into it's inputs with out securely fastening it, causing it to shift and start beeping. I quickly turned it off.

    Could it be broken because of that and thus be the reason it is not appearing in Windows either, yet still appears in CPU-z?

    Mobo: ASRock A55M-HVS
  2. Nvm fixed.
  3. MasterCheif999 said:
    Nvm fixed.

    How did you fix this?
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