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Is anyone here using same card as me (Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 7850) and have problems with CS GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) game. I am playing in game smooth but in Main Menus of the game my fps drops to like 15 and its really laggish and annoying. I dont understand why I lag in main menu and play smooth in game. My graphics card is up to date so I dont know what else I could do,,, I already reinstalled the game. Any advice?
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  1. Hello Eve22, I do not have the same brand as as you (currently running the powercolor 7850) however what version of the drivers do you have? Did you get your drivers from AMD's website?
  2. As far as i could remember when i first installed the rig in my pc i had a cd but i cannot remember if it was its driver. I have the amd catalyst control center. and it sucks coz i cannot even tweak it unlike nvidia in my laptop. there only a few things I could change and the catalyst to me its a lil bit complicated. I updated the graphics card and it says its already updated but couldnt figure out where to check the version.. :( sorry my first time using AMD radeon i am used to using Nvidia
  3. hey buddy , sorry for the late replay but i hop this might help you .
    type @ console : fps_max_menu 120
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