Ok, so I have been searching high and low for a solution to my problem. I'm not entirley sure its the 670 but with all the talk about the bad batches you can understand. Its a black screen issue, but not like the ones ive found in other forums. It doesnt happen on boot or at any random time. When I go to play a game within the first 2-8 min. my screen will flash black for around 4-8 seconds and then come back completely normal. On rare occasions the sound will be gone. Then I will leave the game and go about my business, searching the web and whatnot and the I will get a very quick black screen flicker. When this happens on the times that the sound is gone, the sound is back. Its a very frustrating issue. All drivers are up to date.

Corsair 750 watt PSU
Asus Maximus Extreme-z
8 GB corsair vengeance
260gb corsair SSD main
1tb black caviar storage

comment for more info. anything to get this fixed
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  1. Hmm, I would think it would be a power issue but you seem to have enough wattage there. Have you talked to EVGA at all they are the best with customer support.
  2. I've really been seeing a lot of problems with EVGA 670 FTW on the forums recently. Maybe EVGA QC has been going down lately or some flawed design on the 670 FTW or could just be something else...
  3. Well EVGA has always had quality. I just think that people throw cards in a very poor environment. Reference cards typically don't get the best cooling and they are centered around the fact that you don't have great cooling so they use a blower design which is great but doesn't always provide a steady temp range in a smaller case.
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