Upgrading AURORA R4 w/ DUAL Radeon HD 7970's possible?

Just ordered an Alienware Aurora R4, due at my front door 1/22/13...mainly because I had a fair amount of credit they owed me (work related) ...otherwise I would have gone somewhere else. I was looking around to see if I could upgrade my GPU to dual Radeon HD 7970's (Sapphire or XFX Black). Just starting to research this, not sure if anyone knows of someone who's running them in an Aurora. Figuring there's limitations with upgrades on a Dell/Alienware assembly lined rig. Price isn't an issue.

- Thanks

My build:
Intel Core i7-3930K (OC 4.1ghz)
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
32GB Quad Channel DDR3 1600MHz
Dual AMD Radeon HD 7870 2G GDDR5
1TB RAID 0 (2x500GB SATA 6Gb/s) Solid State Hybrid
8X Dual Layer Blu-Ray Burner (BD-RE, DVD+RW, CD-RW)
875W psu (may be pushing it...)
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  1. Sweet, thanks.
  2. All really depends on what motherboard Alienware used in building this rig. If they went cheap and used a board with two PCI-Ex16 slots (x16/x4), you probably won't want to go with dual graphic cards. You should also make sure the motherboard even supports CrossfireX.

    -Wolf sends
  3. ^Agree with him.
    I would get a higher quality but "less quality" PSU, maybe even ditch the unnecessary 32GB of RAM for that better PSU.
  4. Motherboard is already set up with 2 Radeon HD 7870's in Crossfire, so I assume it should work, I know the motherboard is an Intel X79 based micro-ATX, other than that, I don't know a lot about it...we'll see when they deliver it. Was more worried about power...and the size with the extra cooling on the Sapphire or XFX Black versions of the 7970.
  5. Quote:
    Dual AMD Radeon HD 7870 2G GDDR5

    Opps! :whistle:

    Sorry about that.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Was it not an option to upgrade to the 7970's before ordering it? Seems like a big waste to buy 2 7870's just to replace them with 7970's right away..
  7. Wasn't an option, I'll pull the 7850's and sell them. I tend to be a wasteful guy when it comes to my toys.
  8. Well do you have any more information on the PSU? brand / model / specs or anything? I mean that is the only issue you might have and you have given almost no useful information about it.
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