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so before i had a 46" lcd rca tv that displayed everything beautifuly, but i decided to upgrade to a 3d tv, so i went with a hitachi 55" led 120hz active 3d tv. movies and games play great with no problem, but when im sitting on the desktop i get these weird tearing lines that just kind of flicker behind the deskop icons and in the corners of the start bar (but now has become noticable when just on a webpage around the text). At first i could change the resolution to 1680 by 1050 and that made it mostly stop, but not its pretty aparent in either resoution at 60 hz, i can add a 120 hz refersh rate and it doesnt seem to be there, but it makes all the text kind of blury. the 660ti is only 4 months old and worked fine on the other tv, is there anything that might cause this? the screen isnt flashing on and off or anything its just like a buzz of the image around certain parts of the display. it almost looks like its only the desktop text and the background is uneffected, but like i mentioned it also does it for instance around some of the text ive already typed in this message.
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  1. I'm assuming it's the cable. You'll need HDMI v1.4b and above for 1080p 120Hz.
  2. Ah I see, so do u think that will fix the 60 hz on the desktop too or just fix the blurryness of the 120hz, and one last question, I have a reciever for surround sound so do I need to get 2 of the 1.4 cables and that'll work?
  3. That will fix the blurriness of the 120Hz.

    For surround sound, probably any HDMI cables v1.3 and above would work fine.
  4. Would this work if I got 2, one from comp to head unit and one for head unit to tv?

  5. Everything looks stable in 120 but u think that will alleviate my buzzing text as well?, I really appreciate your help
  6. It probably will.
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