My monitor doesn't show an image when my newly built computer starts

Hi all,

I'm a first time builder. I had my graphics card in and my system started but nothing appeared on my monitor. After attempting to troubleshoot, I removed my graphics card (EVGA Geforce 660Ti) and tried again. The system booted successfully, but now I'd like to get my graphics card in. I have a Asus P8z77-VK Motherboard and a Corsair TX650 psu; I'm not sure what else is relevant.
If there's a sticky I've overlooked, forgive me, I'm a noob.
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  1. pizza could be one of two things...a bios patch is needed for the mb. see what rev your mb bios is at and update it to the newest one. the second is on the new z77 mb asus set the ipgpu as the first video device.go into video devices in the bios and set the gpu as first video device.
  2. How can i access the graphics card settings in BIOS? I took a look but came up empty.

    And thank you for your quick reply!
    I just tried again to confirm it isn't working. I did all the autoinstall drivers. I will turn to BIOS now.
    BIOS isn't saving my change of the primary display to PCIE
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