Running my 27-inch Display with 2560 x 1440

This might seem a stupid question but...

Whats the minimum Nvidia GPU i would need to run a Dell U2711 on max resolution with a good frame rate?
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  1. It actually depends on the games you play. You'll want a GTX670 to start, it can run high on some demanding games. Maybe 2 if you plan on max settings with better framerates.
  2. I was actually thinking a single EVGA GTX 680 Signature 2 maybe on games like Crysis 2 and planetside 2.

    I know its a top card but will it give me a decent fps with such a high resolution with settings turned way up?
  3. On crysis 2, I think if you set Shading to extreme instead of ultra and other settings maxed, it'll have no problem. I don't know about planetside 2 though

    Anyway, the 680 will give you good performance in most games. Just keep your expectations reasonable and realistic.

    What's your PC specs? You want to make sure you're not bottlenecking the card and/or your psu have enough power
  4. "deja vu, every question becomes a repeat eventually" Yeah sorry I should just check the forums more ^^

    CPU i5 3570k
    RAM 8GB
    MoBo AsRock Z77
    PSU Corsair HX850
  5. Your PC specs are fine. You're good to go
  6. Yea I would agree a 670 with 4 gigabytes of ram perhaps to help out with that load of 1440p would help. 2 would help if you wanted more steady settings at 1440p but yea as a starter a 670 would be good from a Nvidia side of things.
  7. 2GB is still fine for 2560x1440/2560x1600 as long as AA is kept at 4xAA or lower.


    I'm not saying the idea to get 4GB cards is necessarily bad, however to utilize them, dual 670s or 680s are a must.
  8. I can agree with that normally AA+AF is just eye candy anyway it doesn't really make a whole lot of different it seems in games I turn it on most of the time now to avoid tearing honestly for getting frames well beyond what my screen can handle.
  9. what i think is at that resolution would not need AA or maybe just 2x AA. You have to magnify to see the difference. Not real world difference
  10. Well the purpose of AA is really to smooth objects out. So I'm not sure definition really fixes that. Internally the game will use your graphics card to smooth out jagged edges to make items look more smooth more defined. It's not necessary if you want more of that I would get a 2nd card.
  11. Thanks guys you have helped a lot :D
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