HELP ! Black screen, fan at 100% XFX 5750

I just got a free computer off a friend and it seemed to be in working order when I got it.

These are the problems I'm experiencing:

When I first got it, the video wouldn't display all the time, only a few times after I restarted it a few times.

Now I'm experiencing:

Graphics card at 100% fan, no display, computer still running.

I don't know what to make of it but these are the specs:
MSI MS-7320
Intel Q9300 Quad Core
8gbs, 2x2 sticks of corsair xms2, and 2x2 patriot viper
700W Thermaltake power supply.

Any ideas?

I have tried to clear CMOS, but no dice.
I have tried reseating the ram, but no dice still.

Has the PSU died out?
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  1. Can you try the card in a different PC and see whether it works or not?
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