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Hi there, I'm Kevin and I would thank you all for your help and advice. I am building a new computer for college now, and it will be my first build. My 2007 Macbook won't cut anymore and I need a pc for java/C++ programming(But I love gaming :D) so I want a solid gaming build as well. I'll be building in two weeks.

So here is my build layout so far.

PC Build
Case: Phantom 410(Black)
MotherBoard: MSI Z77 Mpower
CPU: Intel i5 3570k
GPU: MSI GTX 680 TwinForzr 2GB (I may SLI two gtx 680's in the future)
Memory: DDR3 Patriot 16gb 1600MHZ (8x2)
Cooling: Kraken X40
SSD: Samsung 840 series
HDD: Seagate 2TB
PSU: Lepa G1000 (1000Watt)

External Build
Monitor: BENQ XL2420T
Mouse: SteelSeries MLG Sensei
Keyboard: Razer DeathStalker

This is what I have setup so far, so please give any input you feel necessary. Thank you!
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  1. ill help out

    get this CPU and motherboard combo. board has everything that you need for a pc. nothing fancy or extra

    ram. its cheaper and its kingston. pretty good

    CPU cooler. quieter and cools better than those fisher price AIOs

    SSD. 256gb is the size id get and this one is by plextor.

    hard drive

    if you want a bit more storage, the 1.5tb seagate is also good. the 2tb is rather high right now

    GPU. 670s perform the same as 680s. if you want more performance though, you should be looking at a 7970 as they are better performers for the money and come with crysis 3. the GPU choice depends if you want CUDA functionality for certain applications

    psu. you will never need that wattage.

    monitor. id get a IPS panel like this one over a faster TN panel that you have selected. IPS panels are slower but give much better colours and overall sharpness

    keyboard. better than razer

    price match using this link.
  2. byogamingpc said:
    What is your budget? Parameters help when figuring out what you can get. =)

    $2600 is my budget.
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