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What is wrong with my graphics card?

I've been getting this image a lot recently.
This mostly pops up suddenly when I'm playing video games. After a while. the audio cuts off as well and nothing else works. The computer shuts itself down after this occurs.
This occurs when I'm idling in World of Warcraft, tried playing with the lowest settings and the problem still occurred. It even happens for a game like League of Legends on low. This problem happens randomly and I cannot predict when it is going to happen. I believe that this is an issue with my graphics card, but I am not 100% sure.

Radeon HD 6870
i5-2500k processor
600W PSU

Would replacing any of these parts fix the problem?
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    Oye these are called artifacts it can result from a lot of things can result from your card being to hot, could result from a overclock, can result from a defective card. But you are most certainly experiencing artifacts.
    here is a prime example

    you may want to run furmark to test this
  2. ^ i heard that furmark are sometimes damages the card?is that true?
  3. Um, if you were to run it for to long I'm sure it could its a stress test that doesn't stop unless you set parameters. If you ran it for idk 15 minutes I would say you would be okay. Unless your card has serious heat issues I would sit and watch it maybe get a magazine or whip out a smart phone and play a game.
  4. Download GPU-Z and run a game in windowed mode and tell us the temperature it goes to.
  5. Ok, so I ran the Furmark benchmark at the 720 preset. I got a score of 2796 and the max temp was 83C.
    I also checked the card temperatures. While I was playing World of Warcraft on low settings with a decent amount of things going on, the card temperature stayed around 66C and the load didn't seem to go above 60%. However, I continued playing and I got the screen again and my computer shut down.
  6. Yea it seems like you have some sort of heating issue your card hit a really high temperature in furmark that it shouldn't past 80 is no bueno. I would say your card is permanently damaged. But one thing you can do is see if you can improve the airflow or turn up the speed of your gpu fan with msi afterburner.
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