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Saving BIOS on GPU-Z: Strange Error

January 15, 2013 5:25:52 AM


I'm trying to undervolt my nVidia GT 525M (for which i've heard good undervolting results) and running into a problem on the very first step that no-one seems to have encountered before.

Every time I try to save my GPU BIOS (through GPU-Z 0.6.6) nothing happens for about 3 seconds followed by 2 very short high-pitched sounds followed by an error message: "C: /Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp//nvflash.rom was not found".

When using an older version, I get the instant message that says "BIOS reading is not supported on this device", but I know it is because it's been done several times on this particular card. My nvflash works normally, but I fail to see it's relation with GPU-Z and so why I get this error message.

I don't think specs are relevant here, but i'll just say that i'm on a laptop with an i7 processor running Windows 7 64-bit

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance!