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Wife wants to be able to access my files (Music, movies, pics) without having to physically be at my Comp. How does one set up a 2nd computer to wirelessly access my computer. To be noted I have a wireless router and both computers are liked to said router through wireless. If this possible or am I going to have to manually run wires? Thanks.
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    No you can do it with wireless.

    What OS? If Windows 7 you can share through a homegroup, or you can just share some folders and set the security to allow her access.
  2. Ya, W7. Homegroup you say? Will have to look into that alittle more when I get home. Is it difficult to do? Thanks for the quick reply.
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  4. No, homegroup is easy to setup. There is a homegroup control panel, you just need to create the HG on one machine and then put that password into the other machine to allow it to join. If you check all the library types to share you will be good to go, and here is a setup guide:
  5. Awesome! Can't wait to get off work to try it out. Thanks a bunch.
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